How to play 7 Poker

pmang money changer
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Low Go game rules
There are a total of 3 card exchange opportunities, breakfast, lunch, and dinner respectively.
You can exchange cards from 0 (pass) to a maximum of 4 cards.
After receiving the first card, you can place a bet once for each card exchange. (4 times in total)
Some channels only place 3 bets. (Speed ​​Channel)

Low Baduki genealogy
Four cards are made by configuring each pattern and number differently.
If only three cards are different, it is a base, and if only two cards are different, it is a two-base.

pmang Money Award
In the case of the same maid or base, the player with the lowest number wins by comparing each of the four cards with the highest number.

All the patterns are different and the numbers are A,2,3,4

All the patterns are different and the numbers are A,2,3,5

All the patterns are different, and the numbers are A,2,4,5

When the patterns and numbers of the 4 cards are all different (5 towers ~ K towers)

If only three cards have different patterns and numbers

Two bass
When the card pattern and number are only two different

TIP. If it is a base or two base with overlapping patterns, you can easily find the genealogy by removing the card with the highest number.

Genealogy tip 1
Two base
Genealogy tip 2

How to bet on Low Baduk
When your betting turn comes, the betting buttons you can select are displayed in bright colors.
At the time of betting, everyone except the person who gave up the hand bets the same amount and proceeds to the next step.



pmang money changer

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